Podcast Show – 6 Traits Shared by Successful Entrepreneurs

Check out the newest podcast episode on 6 traits shared by successful entrepreneurs

Curious – See things no one else does, you have to be a detective, you have to ask questions, but you have to ask the questions, no one else is.

Daylight – Just as race-car drivers keep their eyes fixed on the road ahead, creators focus on the future, knowing that where they go, their eyes go first.

Shifting – Creators continuously update their assumptions. In rapid succession, they observe, orient, decide, and act.

Failing Forward – They hone the skill to turn setbacks into successes.

Connectivity – You have to be able connect people and connect individuals to harness brain power that doesn’t necessarily think in the same ilk.

Generosity – In an increasingly transparent and interconnected world, generosity makes creators more productive.

Being and entrepreneur is challenging and hard work is key. However, you need to know that certain traits will give you a leg up on your competition in making your organization a success.


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