Core Traits Every Leader Needs

We all want to be leaders and we all want to be successful at it. However, a successful executive does not need to be a leader in the sense that most people think about. You don’t necessarily have to have one ounce of charisma. Some of the best business and nonprofit CEOs, were not stereotypical leaders. A leader can range in their personalities, attitudes, and strengths. Some leaders are extroverts or nearly reclusive, others range from easygoing to controlling; if a leader can have a wide range of personalities what core traits do all leaders have.

Core Traits Every Leader Needs:

All successful leaders have a handful of items. They did what was needed for the organization. They developed proper action plans and took responsibility for two key things decisions and communications. In addition, a successful leader will focus on opportunities as oppose to dwelling on the problems; and finally they spread the wealth of praise around.

Get the Knowledge You Need

The first practice is to ask what needs to be done. Asking what has to be done, and taking the question seriously, is crucial for managerial success. Failure to ask this question will render you ineffective. Asking what has to be done, while focusing on what’s best for the organization will help you mitigate making decisions that will put the company in a bad position.


Executives are doers; they execute. Knowledge is useless to executives until it has been translated into deeds. But before springing into action, the executive needs to plan their course properly. When they translate plans into action, executives need to pay particular attention to decision making, communication, opportunities (as opposed to problems), and meetings. Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level. It needs to be taught explicitly to everyone in an organization that is knowledge based.


Successful executives know that they have ultimate responsibility, which can be neither shared nor delegated. This means that they think of the needs and the opportunities of the organization before they think of their own needs and opportunities. To properly execute this a leader must listen first and then speak. This one needs to be strictly observed for a leader to be successful.

Final Thought

Leaders have authority only because they have the trust of the organization and their team

Effective executives differ widely in their personalities, strengths, and, values. All they have in common is that they get the right things done, in the right way, while having the right priorities.


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