Podcast Show – How to Have a More Productive Week

Check out our newest Podcast Show on How to Have a More Productive Week

Vision Focused – Begin with the end in mind. It will help you to prioritize what’s important and what can be put on the back burner.

Positive Attitude – So much time and energy is used up by a bad mood. Productive individuals revel in the excitement of what they can accomplish

Start the Week Before the Week – Plan out your week the week before.

Say No – Don’t say yes to everything. In fact be very judicious in how you use your yes’s. By saying no to things, you’ll be saying yes to something important down the line.

Use Technology – There are a number technological items that will assist you in becoming more effective ~ such as Evernote, Nozbe, and my fav Trello. These will allow you to become a master of your schedule and be more efficient.

White Space – Create white space in your schedule.

In order to reach your goals and being more productive you have to create some guardrails and protect yourself so you can grow in a positive manner.

This means discerning the handful of things that help you get there so you can be more creative, innovative, and efficient during the week.

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