Having Strength Based Effectiveness

Have you ever said, “I just can’t do this” or have your direct reports said, “I can’t do it.” The good news is you’re right. It sounds like bad news but it’s good news really because you can’t do it all and you weren’t meant to do it all. One of the many lessons I have learned over the years is that focusing on too many things at once won’t enable you to achieve your best results. When you and your organization plays to their strength it will allow them to be more effective.

Having Strength Based Effectiveness:

Don’t Play to Your Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses and sometimes, we have to work in them. If possible, delegate those weaknesses to someone who is has that skillset as a strength. When you delegate those weaknesses this will maximize your focus and your effectiveness, however it’s not always tenable to delegate your weaknesses. But with regards to your strengths just don’t play to them – strengthen them. Strengthen the strengths; you’ll see incredible improvement in your strengths. When you strengthen your strengths, it’s going to give you exponentially greater improvement.

Know Your Lane

It’s important you know your purpose or your organization knows it’s purpose. You don’t need to say yes to every great project; and not every great project fits the purpose and ethos of your organization. To be innovative you have to be willing to say no to a thousand things so you can focus on the things that matter, to you and to your organization. When you say no to the project that isn’t part of your purpose or ethos it will allow you to be more effective and efficient. If you know your purpose, you’ll know which project to say no to and which project to say yes to.

More Creative

By playing to your strengths will allow you to be more creative and agile at work. When the organization and you are developing and playing to your strengths you’ll be better able to adapt to change, engage in more creative and proactive behaviors due to the confidence that will arise from strengthening your strengths.

Better Atmosphere

As a result of playing to your strengths, greater satisfaction in the work place will take place. People will understand the vision and mission of the organization better. In addition, to having feelings of greater confidence about themselves in the work environment.

Final Thought

The enemy of our best is usually good not bad

By finding small ways each day to do what we do best we were able to start feeling more engaged and energized about our projects and our day-to-day operational tasks. When we focus on the best within us we will be able to avoid mediocracy which is the real destroyer of organizational effectiveness.


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