Podcast Show – Getting Your Employees to Offer Honest Feedback

Check out the newest Podcast Show on Getting your employees to offer honest feedback

Getting candid opinions from your direct reports can be difficult. But hearing messages from down the ranks is imperative for a healthy organization; including input from your company’s customers, feedback on your performance, and information from other departments or units.

How can you encourage your team members to have honest conversations with you and to speak up when it’s important?

Here are a handful of things I’ve suggest over the years that will help create an atmosphere of honest candor within the rank and file.

– Be explicit about the need for honesty.

– Listen, but don’t judge

– Start small

– Model Candor and Openness

Eliciting honest, constructive feedback from employees can be difficult, but not impossible

While positive feedback encourages people to continue doing what they do well, it’s the constructive feedback that helps people and businesses, grow

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