How to Get Everyone on the Same Page

Wanting everyone to be on the same page is important. The bigger the team or organization the harder it is to get everyone on the same page. I’m always interacting with managers who are telling me, “if I can just get my whole team on the same page we would finish this project under budget and on time.” One of the most common challenges of leadership is motivating your team and getting everyone on the same page.

How to Get Everyone on the Same Page

Don’t start with the End

This may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re having trouble with your team focusing on the specific project initiative my recommendation is to ‘bring them back to formula’. What I mean by that is refocus the team on the purpose. What’s the reason behind the goal? What you’re doing in essence is, ‘creating the tension’. If your team feels the tension, they’ll understand the need for the project. They’ll understand the reason, belief, or purpose for doing the task that they’re doing. It’s important that your team understand the reason for what they are doing. If they understand their purpose it will be a great motivator in carrying them though the project until the end. Don’t start at the end, tell them the reason for the project. Your team may not get on board with the project, but they may get on board with the reason for doing the project.

Intentional Communication

Once everyone is on the same page you have to make sure you’re communicating to your team. However, communicating isn’t enough, you have to be intentional on how you communicate to your team. When you communicate the purpose to everyone, it needs to be simple and inspiring. As you continue to motivate your team with the purpose, help them to see the potential pitfalls that may come. This will help your team mitigate discouragement when a setback comes, because they’ve been mentally prepped. When you tell them about potential setbacks it will help them to anticipate mentally, if and when they do come. As leaders we must be intentional about our verbiage and how we communicate it, this will help you in directing your team down the path you want them to be going.

Old School

The last aspect of getting and keeping everyone on the same page comes down to a little old school grind. It’s one thing to talk about intentionality but to have a real world impact. To have a real world impact, it must be combined with a little old school grind; ergo there needs to be an element of persistence. We all know that you can’t have old school grind without some intellectual focus. Once you have the right elixir of what that intellectual focus should be, such as starting with the purpose and being intentional about communication; you must be persistent in hitting the grind stone in executing. Combining the right intentionality with a little old school grind will give you the results you’re looking for.


When our teams are all on the same page this will allow us to lead them and enable them to make the hundreds of decisions they make, in unison…

It seems obvious to have all your people on the same page. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get everyone on the same page, if it were this wouldn’t be the issue that it is. What we as leaders need to do is to continually and consistently develop and facilitate the growth and development of our teams which will lead to everyone getting on the same page, ergo it will lead to the great performance you’re wanting.


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