Systems Is the Answer

Are you in a rut? Do you wonder why you are struggling? It can be very frustrating if you have a great staff, good product offerings, with a defined vision and yet it still feels like the company is just spinning its wheels. If the organization has been unable to hit it any KPIs (key performance indicators) that were set forth the year before while having a quality staff and offering good products your issue may be systems.

Having a great staff, good product offerings and a defined vision for the future are important building blocks for success in any organization. However, of equal or greater importance is the thing that helps pull it all together – systems. Most of our organizational problems have to do with systems as opposed to people.

Systems Is the Answer:

Personality Driven vs System Driven

Have you ever been on a team or have you ever been in an organization and when the leader left and the results took a hard and quick nose dive? What that means is your team or organization wasn’t built on proper systems but it was built on the personality of the leader. Systems allows the organization to thrive and succeed beyond the capacity and legacy of the leader.

We Already Have Systems

Every business has systems in place to some degree. Whether you have intentionally set up your organizational systems or not. Ergo it behooves you to be purposeful in structuring the logistics of your organization in a manner that will give you the results you’re looking for.


Business systemization does not need to be hard or complicated. It starts with simply asking yourself the question what goes on during the day? This will bring you on a journey that will allow you to process and brainstorm with your leadership team – what do we need to document?


Once you’ve brainstormed. The next step will be to simply document how things need to be done. Such as, do you have a New Customer System. In my organizational consulting, I’m always advising on this. It seems elementary, but you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have a process for new customers. I’ll ask, “what do you do when new customers drive on to the lot?” A New Customer System should be a step by step process to not only address their needs the first time they show up. More importantly a New Customer System should be designed to bring them back as a returning customer, who is also a customer that refers you to their associates. Is your New Customer System that developed? Is your New Customer System thought out enough where it has them referring you to other customers? A properly designed system will allow you to do this but if you don’t have a system in place, then you are missing this component altogether.

Final Thought

Leadership isn’t just a person it’s the systems and logistics as well…

The implementation of a properly structured and effective systems enables the organization to reap many additional benefits. Once systems are in place it will allow the leaders in the company to develop teams more effectively. In fact, it will allow leaders to remove themselves from that function without creating chaos in the business and having the team thrive after their departure.


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