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No I don’t want to talk about that election. I want to talk about the contentious political situations you may find yourself in at your workplace

You have you use savvy to avoid the landlines individual’s set up to trip you – you need to be discerning

4 Main Political Climates

  • Minimally politicized, where the atmosphere is amicable and team oriented
  • Moderately politicized, where rules are sanctioned and conflict is not pervasive
  • Highly politicized, where rules are invoked when convenient and conflict is pervasive
  • Pathologically politicized, where rules are circumvented and conflict is long lasting and pervasive

Instead of getting enveloped in a political situation it comes down to maneuvering. How can you maneuver your a very political situation into a positive? It’s just a  matter of developing relationships with those around you – not developing relationships like a narcissist or someone out for political gain but someone who is genuine – developing healthy relationships with your direct reports, your superiors and those in other departments. Relationship building will help you mitigate the potential fall out, it won’t guarantee anything but it will mitigate when contentious political situations arise in the workplace.

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