Podcast Show – Leading Change

Check out our newest Podcast show is on Leading Change.

What will it take to successfully bring your organization into a new era? The pressures on an organization to thrive are greater and greater with every passing fiscal year, ergo it behooves us to lead change well.

Organizations hoping to survive over the long term and wanting to stand the test of time need to do one thing and one thing only – remake themselves.

Companies and organizations that are successful will have to remake themselves into better competitors along the way.

There is a couple of presuppositions that need to be stated:

– Change is always uncomfortable

– Real change takes a long time

– The most successful change is when there is relational trust involved

When those involved with the change understand these presuppositions, it makes navigating through change substantially easier


First step in Leading Change is creating the need

Next step in Leading Change is to create a team of influencers who can execute the vision, strategic goals, and initiatives that come about to lead change

Then make sure the vision is clear – once the vision has been established form your strategic goals and initiatives that are birthed from those strategic goals

Next step is to start execution

– Start with behind the scene changes first then public changes

Change is most successful when there is a relational trust involved. Lead into those relational strengths you already have and you’ll see a lasting change that happens quicker than anticipated.

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