Resolutions You Need to Make to Go From a Manager to a Leader

Every years we make resolutions in the hope of trying to realize the potential within us; whether it’s being healthier, more disciplined, etc… It’s imperative as leaders that we are constantly challenging ourselves to become better and realize the potential within us. This is why I always encourage the people I coach to have some sort of resolutions in there life.

As leaders we should constantly be striving to be a better version of ourselves. If we are challenging ourselves, it will allow us to lead well and fulfill the leadership potential within us. In addition our team will benefit substantially as they will be able to fulfill their leadership potential and become more effective in there day-to-day. There are a handful simple things you can do as an individual this year that will allow you to go from being just a manager of people to a leader.

Resolutions You Need to Make to Go From a Manager to a Leader:

Be More Inclusive

To create a team that is consistently driving growth and innovation have a diverse workforce. A diverse team is a team that doesn’t all think the same thing. This will allow your team to see a problem from multiple angles. This will allow you not to have the burden of always being the one that comes us with the solutions. If everyone thinks like you, no one is really thinking. In addition, your team needs to match your marketplace. If your team only matches what you’re comfortable with you are holding yourself and the organization back. Furthermore, you must create an atmosphere where everyone feels free to volunteer their opinion and propose solutions that contradict convention. This will unlock the full spectrum of innovation and your teams full capacity.

Communicate More Powerfully

Unless you are crafting something with your hands, your primary tool in business is language. Use examples and metaphors from other elements of business, literature, or current events to illustrate your points. Improve your vocabulary and integrate new words and phrases as you become more interesting and even exciting to listen to. Also, over communication with your team. Getting everyone on the same page is vital. On a side note, don’t forget your tone, this can be a huge issue in building walls. Also non-verbal communication is important, it plays a part in how powerfully you are received.

Create Pathways

It’s vital that people feel you support them and aren’t using them just for the labor but you value them as individuals. It’s important that people can really spread there wings and realize their potential. This is very uncomfortable for some managers who like to control and manager every situation. But if you want to go from manager to leader you must allow people to stumble as they learn to spread there wings and realize the fullest extent of there potential. In addition, you have to help them in there career advancement. You’re team needs to feel you’re on there side and going to bat for them – be an active ally for your team.

Final Thought

Resolving to become a better leader this year will yield great results for you in both the short and long term…

The New Year brings promise, excitement, and possibility for you and your team. In addition the results will allow you to go from a manager of people to a leader. The effort involved is worth it — for you, your team.


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