Midweek Motivation – Valued

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Are you making your team feel valued? Do they know that you appreciate them?


Podcast Show – How to Get People to Own the Mission

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It’s important that your team has buy-in on a project. If they don’t you won’t get the result you want or the results you need in the time you want them. So the burden is on us as leaders to get people to own the mission and have buy-in. Continue reading

Resolutions You Need to Make to Go From a Manager to a Leader

Every years we make resolutions in the hope of trying to realize the potential within us; whether it’s being healthier, more disciplined, etc… It’s imperative as leaders that we are constantly challenging ourselves to become better and realize the potential within us. This is why I always encourage the people I coach to have some sort of resolutions in there life.

As leaders we should constantly be striving to be a better version of ourselves. If we are challenging ourselves, it will allow us to lead well and fulfill the leadership potential within us. In addition our team will benefit substantially as they will be able to fulfill their leadership potential and become more effective in there day-to-day. There are a handful simple things you can do as an individual this year that will allow you to go from being just a manager of people to a leader.

Resolutions You Need to Make to Go From a Manager to a Leader: Continue reading