How to be an Inspiring Leader

As leaders we are tasked with motivating our teams and those that we lead. And no, providing free coffee and fruit in the company kitchen isn’t considered inspiring and motivating. How is it possible that unhappy, unmotivated and disengaged employees could possibly offer exceptional customer service or develop exciting, innovative products that move your team and organization forward? That is where you as the leader come in and motivate and inspire them to be fulfill their potential.

How to be an Inspiring Leader:

Ignite Your Enthusiasm

To have success and to lead others in success you must be inspired yourself. You cannot inspire, unless you’re inspired yourself. I’m specifically referring to passion; every inspiring leader is abundantly passionate. Sometimes they aren’t passionate about the product itself, but they are passionate about what the product means to their customers.  Steve Jobs is a prime example of this, he wasn’t necessarily passionate about computers. But he was passionate about building tools that help people to unleash their personal creativity. So wherever you specific passion lies whether it’s for the product or for the end user, you need to have passion to be an inspiring leader.

Navigate a Course of Action

Nothing extraordinary ever happened without a leader articulating a clear vision – a course of action.  We’ve seen this throughout history, such as John F. Kennedy challenging a nation to land a man on the moon. When you create a clear vision it will create excitement which in turn will inspire your team to become an advocate for your vision and team, this is why bold visions are vital for your team.

Sell the Benefit

A lot of times your employees don’t care about growing sales by 10 percent this year. Your employees are asking one question, “What’s in it for me?” As a leader it’s important for us to paint a picture. Organizations want 10% growth but employees are really thinking, “what’s in it for me?” So if we want to get them to help the organization grow in sales by 10% you need to connect it to them on a personal level – paint the picture.

Invite participation

It’s important to allow feedback and input from your team. If your team doesn’t feel they have a voice they will get frustrated. If you’re not inviting participation you’re sending the signal to your team that you’re using them more for there backs instead of there minds. People want more than a paycheck.  They want to create meaning.  Invite them in.

Reinforce optimism

Great leaders are more optimistic than average. Optimism is a force multiplier, if you’re creating a positive atmosphere it has a ripple effect that can be very beneficial to your team in accomplishing things with expediency.

Encourage potential

Coach your team. Help your direct reports realize their potential. When they feel you care about them more than just as workerbee, it will impact them greatly. They will feel you can be trusted and they will go the extra mile for you.

Final Thought

Leaders need to inspire for the betterment of the organization…

The topic of inspirational leadership is being discussed everywhere, because people are realizing that if you want to maximize the potential and the efficiency of your team the leader needs to be inspirational. If a leader is caught up in the minutia and just making it through the day, it will have an adverse effect on the team and in turn hinder the organization. It’s up to leaders to motivate and inspire their teams to higher levels of achievement.


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