Podcast Show – Communicate to Motivate

Check out this week’s Podcast Show on how to Communicate to Motivate.

Whether you speak all the time or are simply trying to get you team in going in the right direction. Communication is vital if you want them to move with effectiveness. I want to spend a little time today talking about how do you communicate to motivate.

Communication will effect you, your entire career ergo it’s important that you develop this skill if you want to grow your leadership. The ability to communicate is a skill that’s non-negotiable and will give you an edge over other managers and supervisors.

Here are a handful of techniques that I’ve used over the years that have help me:

  1. Be focused on helping
    1. If you’re more focused on helping the listener, and less focused on yourself, that creates empathy between you and the hearer
  2. Get ahead
    1. Vision casting
  3. Likability factor
    1. You want people to understand that you’re a real person

As a leader it’s vital to communicate in a manner that motivates

Leadership naturally comes with a microphone, it’s your job to use it properly to not just benefit you or the organization but to benefit those you lead in a healthy manner

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