Podcast Show – How to Increase Accountability Without Incurring Distrust

Check out this week’s Podcast Show on How to Increase Accountability Without Incurring Distrust

Increasing accountability into an organization is never easy; all too often the people you are trying to make accountable interpret your initiative as a sign that you don’t trust them.

Without trust, it is very unlikely you will learn the truth on what is really going on in that organization and in the market place.  Without trust, employees won’t level with you—at best, you’ll learn either non-truths or part truths. I see this all too frequently.

How do you build the trust once you’ve increased the accountability.

1. Be honest right in the beginning

2. Take the time and meet as many individual contributors as you can as soon as you can

3. Be transparent with your team about your accountability

4. Ask for their advice

Increasing accountability can be beneficial for your organization if needed, but you have to do so with wisdom

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