Podcast Show – Motivating the Unmotivated Employee

Check out this week’s Podcast Show on Motivating the Unmotivated Employee.

Management would be easy if only everyone were highly motivated. But that’s like saying basketball would be simple if only everyone could dunk.


1. Use your positional power as a manager in a way that shows you don’t fully respect your employees as individuals

2. Take credit for a project one of your employees actually did most of the work on

3. Lose your temper

4. Don’t stand up for your employees when under personal or organizational attack.

5. Be emotionally stingy

Things to do to motivate an unmotivated employee

1. Align individual economic interests with company performance

2. Take a genuine interest in the future path of an employee’s career

3. Take a genuine interest in their work-life balance

4. Listen

5. Ownership

6. Ask for their opinion

7. Do unto others as you would have done unto you

Motivating an unmotivated employee is about channeling a few things in the right manner to get your team going in the right direction

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