Podcast Show – Communicate to Motivate

Check out this week’s Podcast Show on how to Communicate to Motivate.

Whether you speak all the time or are simply trying to get you team in going in the right direction. Communication is vital if you want them to move with effectiveness. I want to spend a little time today talking about how do you communicate to motivate. Continue reading


How Do You Strike a Balance Between Fair and Power-Monger?

As leaders influence is important and leveraging your influence in a positive manner is vital. We’ve all seen leaders use there influence to manipulate and connive, it behooves us to use the influence we have to do something positive. However what happens when you go to the other extreme and are a powerless and ineffective. It’s important as leaders that we strike a healthy balance between egalitarian and power, the great leaders know how to leverage there influence in that manner.

How Do You Strike a Balance Between Fair and Power-Monger? Continue reading