Podcast Show – What does an Innovative Leader Look Like?

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What does and Innovative Leader Look Like?

Everybody wants to be Innovative. Unfortunately, not all of us will get there. There is a distinct line between those who are and pretenders. Today I want to talk to you about What does and Innovative Leader look like and how can you become one.

Steps to channeling the innovative leader within you:

1. Innovative Leaders question the question

2. Innovative leaders ask open questions

3. Innovative leaders understand on the details while keeping the overall vision in the forefront

4. Innovative leaders understand context

5. Innovative leaders redefine failure

6. Innovative leaders don’t see end-states, but rather next-states

7. Innovative leaders surround themselves with smarter people

8. Innovative leaders see challenges as opportunities

9. Innovative leaders visualize achievement

10. Innovative leaders ask for help

11. Innovative leaders are adaptable

12. Innovative leaders listen intently

13. Innovative leaders know that confidence is key

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