Podcast Show – Regaining Momentum

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Regaining Momentum

Momentum is such a difficult thing to gain and such an easy thing to lose

What happens if you don’t have it? Can you regain it? And can you regain it quickly?

Steps to Regaining Momentum:

1. Recognize and admit momentum is lost

When you admit momentum is lost, it forces decision making, which can be a very good thing

2. Plan for a good start

You never have to recover from a good start

3. Improve your systems

4. Measure the measurables

Facts are your friends, Numbers tell a story – use them to your advantage

5. Organize for success

Sometimes the answer to every problem is a properly placed person

6. Celebrate wins

For high-capacity leaders, they’re weak on celebration because leaders are always looking forward

7. Create new

New always generates momentum

8. Expand your leadership base

9. Remove complexity

10. Continually improve

Ending… Momentum is the secret sauce to being a team that gets noticed throughout the organization


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