Podcast Show – Workplace Efficiency

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Workplace Efficiency

We all know the need the workplace efficiency

Automate where possible – Many parts of your business can be automated without sacrificing quality, try to find those places, it will free you up

Eliminate unnecessary meetings – We need to be careful to not have meetings just to have meetings

Sometimes something that can be address via email

Studies all prove anything over beyond 60 to 90 minutes are inefficient and are usually unproductive – only have meetings beyond that if it’s imperative.

A great resource if you’re looking for more on the subject is “Death by Meeting – By Patrick Lencioni”

Room design – sometimes a simple office design can recalibrate the ethos of your workspace

If your team is in cubicles, as there manager ask them if they want to switch cubicles to change it up and bring a renewed vigor

To-Do list – Systematically organize your day, you’ll be more efficient

I always get asked a question what’s the best app to use? I say the one that works best for you

Maintaining and enhancing productivity in the workplace is not always very easy to accomplish

You must be deliberate if you want to be efficient

Just a side note the most efficient way to build relationships with people is to put your phone down


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