Maximizing Relationships to Maximize Results

Check out our newest podcast  on Maximizing Relationships to Maximize Results.

This is a vital question, that everyone is asking. How can we generate more results while get the best out of the existing relationships we already have.

We need to focus on relationships as much as we focus on results

If were too results driven we just shove people off to the side and eventually that will hinder our results

If were too relationship focus we will lose sight of results and won’t get the job done and that won’t be good for anyone

Are you asking people to just serve with there backs, not there with there brains?

Are you using them as puppets or do you value them as intellectual contributors to the overall vision of the team and the organization

Leaders want to help problem solve, they don’t want to just fill a hole

If you’re having a hard time drawing leaders to your team, it may be because they feel like you’re going to just plug them into a hole and use them for that instead of be the problem solvers

We are caretakers of the people in our path – take someone alongside you on your journey to develop them

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