How to Avoid Burn Out

Check out today’s show on How to Avoid Burnout. This is one of the questions I get the most. Burnout is a psychological response to more than just stress in today’s show we talk about how to avoid this altogether.

No matter who you are, what your background is, and what you do you can be a victim of burn out

The corporate climate is perfectly designed to sap the life right out of you

People in your company and on your team will praise you for working yourself to death…until you’re in your coffin

Have a coach or a mentor:

This will accomplish a couple of things

  1. It will help you process those thoughts when you talk it over with someone else
  2. It will allow you to get someone else’s perspective on the issue
  3. This is probably the most important one –  it will break the power those emotions have over you

It’s easy for leaders to develop really unhealthy patterns and we call it leadership

A partially charged leader will never be what his team nor the organization needs in fact a partially charged leader will eventually find themselves outside looking in at the organization

To avoid burnout you need to be a fully charged leader. What do you need to do to be a fully charged leader:

  1. Get sleep
  2. Create guardrails
  3. Know yourself

It’s important to be a fully charged leader – A fully charged leader will accomplish more than a partially charged leader, every time.

And one other side note – if a leader isn’t optimistic, then whatever they leads will never reach it’s potential

You can’t avoid stress but with wisdom you can avoid burnout

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