Midweek Motivation – Simple

This week’s Midweek Motivation is on Simple!

Unfortunately it not easy to keep things simple.


Maximizing Relationships to Maximize Results

Check out our newest podcast  on Maximizing Relationships to Maximize Results.

This is a vital question, that everyone is asking. How can we generate more results while get the best out of the existing relationships we already have. Continue reading

What Mental Strength Looks Like in a Successful Leader

Physical strength and health over the last number of years have been preeminent in peoples minds however one thing that should be overlooked is mental strength. Especially for executives. Tenacity, grit, optimism, and the uncanny ability to fail forward are hallmarks of mental strength. However, we can also define mental strength by identifying the things mentally strong individuals don’t do. As leaders mental strength is a vital key to effectively accomplishing your goals but also realizing your teams goals.

What Mental Strength Looks Like in a Successful Leader: Continue reading