What are the Traits of a Winsome Successful Leader

Being winsome is one of the most important attributes you can have. It will help you in your job, business, relationships, and life. When I’m coaching and advising leaders those that are winsome tend to be the most successful. However, in the name of revenues or the bottom line, we often lose sight of this and in turn we become something we’re not – a cold, irritable, repelling manager. In my years of coaching and advising leaders I’ve noticed there are common traits among those that are winsome.

What are the Traits of a Winsome Successful Leader:

Be an Active Listener

Listening is the foundation of any good relationship. Great leaders listen to what their customers and prospects want and need, and they listen to the challenges those customers face. They listen to colleagues and are open to new ideas. They listen to shareholders, investors, and competitors. When people talk, listen completely, most people unfortunately never listen.

Be Genuine

Great leaders are ones who have integrity. Vulnerability and humility are hallmarks of a genuine leader and create an attractional energy. Direct reports will work harder and go further for an authentic person.


No matter how small your organization, if you interact with others every day and let others shine, encouraging innovative ideas, and practicing humility you will become a more winsome and likeable leader. Individuals play the game, but only through teamwork can you beat the odds.


Winsome leaders are grateful for the people who contribute to their opportunities and success. Being appreciative and saying thank you to mentors, customers, colleagues, and others keeps leaders humble.

Closing Thought

Above all else, treat others as you’d like to be treated…

By showing others the same courtesy you expect from them, you will gain more respect from coworkers, customers, and business partners. Holding others in high regard demonstrates your company’s likeability and motivates others to work with you. This seems so simple, as do so many of these principles, however, too many people don’t because their concerned with making money or getting by. You will stand out by simply being courteous, which in turn will create success for you and your team!


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