Work-Life Balance

The summer is here! This is one of my favorite times of the year. However, a natural question that usually comes up is work-life balance. Since a number of us naturally take our vacations during the summer because of kids or because this is one of the best times to visit different places; it naturally begs the question who do I keep a healthy work-life balance?

Work-Life Balance:


To keep a healthy work-life balance understanding what’s important and what isn’t, is key. Sometimes it’s hard especially if every little thing your supervisor is asking you is of critical importance. It’s incumbent upon us to prioritize what’s really a major issue and what’s not. One easy way to do this is have a calendar. One thing I like to do is fill out the next day’s event the day before, right when I’m about to leave the office for the day. It will allow me to do two things: one, organize tomorrow in a systematic way; and two, allow me to reflect on the day I just completed.


Understand daily and weekly work-life balance is a myth – that’s what I said, it’s a myth. Having a work-life balance regularly on a daily and weekly occurrence is untenable unless you work bankers hours. For those of us who work in a career that is more project driven and 40 hour work weeks are considered vacations, balance comes in seasons. What I mean by this is for a time you will have to work a ridiculous amount of hours then once a season is over things slow for a little bit. A keen mind will know how to navigate these seasonal changes and take advantage of them to allow greater holistic living. During a season where you have to work more you just have to stream line a few things so you can get through this season, once you’re out of this season you’ll be able to breath and recharge. However, one important note is that when you’re in a challenging season, sleep, healthy eating, and regular exercise if possible is vital to making it through in a healthy manner. If you don’t take care of your body, your body can’t take care of you.


This is one thing a number of people naturally feel when things get out of balance. They feel they are negligent on there home life or other important priorities. One way to avoid this is talk to your partner and family, let them know what it’s like include them in on the process, so they can help you. In addition – be there, when you’re there; when your with your partner or family don’t do work be an active listener, and spend quality time not just quantity time. Don’t answer work related items, just be there in the moment. What this will do is allow you the freedom to be the kind of partner you want to be, this will give you the freedom to work without having guilt or the feeling of condemnation that are associated with that. Which will in turn allow you to be more effective at work because when you’re at work you’ll be able to focus completely on the project you’re on and not worry am I being good to my family or my partner.


When you live a healthy holistic lifestyle is will allow you to be more effective…

Work-life balance is a tricky thing and for some it’s a thing they say is going to happen someday, but it can happen now if you are intentional about it. Unfortunately work-life balance doesn’t just happen by accident it has to be planned out very purposefully.


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