You Need to Replicate Yourself

Developing and investing is the key to a successful organization; multiplying yourself is the single greatest thing you can do for your company. Being a multiplier is one of the most important management skills for leaders. The benefits are immense, for the leader, the staff, as well as the organization.

You Need to Replicate Yourself:

Gives Ownership

When you are developing your people it gives them ownership in the organization. It keeps them interested and enthusiastic about the group. In addition it will allow you to energize and refocus direct reports that feel unimportant and have become apathetic to the teams goals.


You need to know who you are as a leader first. It’s important to understand the significance that developing leaders plays in becoming a more effective team and netting the results your looking for. But even more important is understanding  whether your a developer or you’re a leader who abates people around you? Self-awareness is a vital attribute to become the leader you want to be.

Innovation within the Vision

If you want to replicate yourself and develop leaders for your team and organization, it’s not enough to increase their cerebral acumen; being a great multiplier is about creating leaders that innovate and create within the vision of the organization. Delegating is fine but the greatest leaders will cause people to rise up and initiate new thoughts and processes. By effectively developing innovative leaders you’re now create the next generation of leadership for the organization which will build on the construct the current leadership has created. Essentially, they will be standing on your shoulders to achieve new and greater heights.

Go Big or Go Small

You need to pick you spots. As a leader if you want to develop leaders that are creative and innovative you need to know when you “Go Big” or “Go Small”. What I mean by that is, as a supervisor you automatically carry a big stick and that can be a good and bad thing. In terms of leadership development and replication a big stick can cast a cloud over the room that can prevent people from stepping out and becoming that great leader. So as their supervisor you need to know when you pull back and allow them to create and add to the vision and when not too – it’s a balancing act.

Last Comment

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re developed by great leaders…

Are you abating people or are you replicating yourself and in turn allowing them to achieve greater heights than you? By delegating more authority and giving them more creative license you’re allowing them to develop as an innovative leader that is going to benefit the organization in the long run.


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