How to Get the Year Moving in the Right Direction

It’s important to all of us that we start the year off strong. Our teams need us to get off on the right foot and our organizations need our teams to get moving in the right direction to generate results. I want to elucidate some of the most important habits necessary to net the results you want for yourself, your team, and your organization.

How to Get the Year Moving in the Right Direction:

Reflect on the Past Year

The first thing you need to do to generate the results you want is to review the current one. Set yourself up for success in the new year by pausing and reflecting, block out some time and spend time reviewing your previous year’s calendar. Evaluated reflection turns experience into insight. So evaluate what you did so that can gain insight for what you should be doing in the New Year.

Stay Positive

Be positive as you go into the new year. It’s vital that you leave the old year behind. It’s important to learn from the previous year and I spoke a little about that in the previous paragraph. However if you focus too long, regret over the opportunities you missed or mistakes you made you have a potential of getting handicapped by your past. Regret and negativity can kill our drive. We need to recognize all that has happened especially the progress we’ve made and all the great stuff we’ve accomplished. In addition understand that the new year is a blank slate and also don’t forget to spread positivity by expressing gratitude.

Set Compelling Goals

To get your team moving in the right direction it’s important to harness your their emotional energy and this is done by setting you and your team up for wins. You set them up for wins with a clear vision and realistic goals. This is all about recapturing the year emotional and psychologically. This happens in a handful of ways the first one is celebrating victories. Second is making sure that initial wins are low hanging fruit so momentum can be built and the ball can gather some steam for your team. The third is to stop and intentionally dream again and reevaluate your process so you can bring some renewed energy to the goal and bring renewed fire to the process.

Final Thoughts

Generating the results you want is about putting certain best practices in place…

There’s a lot that goes into having your best year ever. But these insights and disciplines if applied will allow us to become the high achievers we need to be so we can get the results we are looking for.


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