I’m a New Boss, What Do I Do Now?

The one question I get more than any other is, “I’m a new boss what do I do now?”  There are a number a key things you must not skip over if you’re a new manager, if you do you risk the potential of creating division and starting the count down for your replacement. However if you take appropriate and purposeful actions in the first few weeks or months you can have a major impact that will deliver the results you envisioned when you took the position in the first place.

I’m a New Boss, What Do I Do Now?

Get to know one another

Resist the urge to jump right into the work and focus instead on fostering camaraderie with team-building exercises. Instead of implementing your vision right off the bat, figure out what your teams vision is, more than likely they have ideas that will help you in formulating a very effective vision for your department. Encourage open communication among your team.

Showcase your values

Explain what’s behind each of your decisions, what your priorities are, and how you will evaluate the team’s performance. It’s important to over communicate especially in the early days. This is due to the fact that they’re still trying to figure you out and get a grasp of who you are and how your respond to things.

Explain how you want the team to work

Not everyone knows the best ways to ask for help or go about tasks. Set expectations and explain processes. If your direct reports know what is going on and how things fit together, it’s easier for them to see the reason to focus on the urgent first.

Set or clarify goals

Make clear what the team is working toward and how you expect to get there. Setting goals early on lays the framework for holding team members accountable.


Don’t be a bull in a china shop…

It’s important when your the new manager, to take a step back and see the big overview before you implement your vision. This is allow you to gain a wiser perspective that will enable you to fine tune your vision to the individual culture of your department; which will make your vision more effective at achieving the results your looking for.


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