Creating Healthy Organic Innovation

Incredible innovation happens because it’s led by a exceptional leader, but we all know that more times than not real day-to-day innovation happens because a great leader knew when to get out of the way and let the team members do their task – this is actual true leadership. When someone recognizes it, fuels it, gives it some guidance and steps aside to let the team do their job and let innovation happen organically.

Creating Healthy Organic Innovation:


How can leaders create passionate, driven innovation in your organization, without manufacturing it? Before we answer that question we need to know why do we need healthy organic innovation? Management can not be the generators of all the ideas for the simple fact that you’re drawing from a small base. If you team members are on page with creating ideas it will help in allowing your organization to be able to stay ahead of your competitors. In addition when people feel they are part of the thought process it creates a different atmosphere in the workplace. Ergo, it’s vital that management isn’t always the drivers behind every idea.


So now that we’ve answered why we need to create a healthy organic culture, how do we go about doing it.

Go hands-off. This is difficult, but it doesn’t mean that your people will be running amok. Give them a vision that helps drive them toward a common goal.

Develop healthy guardrails. If an employee or two within the ranks requests support for their own grassroots initiative, you have nothing to lose by supporting it. The test of your leadership is to provide the guardrails that help them achieve wins that fit within the goals of the greater organization without dampening their passion.

Last Comment

Innovation that comes naturally will have a positive ripple effect throughout the organization…

These grassroots efforts can drive valuable organizational changes. With boundaries presented in the form of support and by providing a very delicate hand, leadership can harness the power and help steer it to overcome huge barriers or create incredible innovations.


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