How to Effectively Develop Teams

Leaders in every organization talk about building teams and working as a team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to effectively develop a team.

How to Effectively Develop Teams:

Why Developing is Essential

Organization are looking for managers who seem to care about development of their teams because there are a number of significant benefits to developing teams. One, developing people helps them understand the meaning of their work. If you’ve developed the team or the individual properly, their passion to achieve has been link to the purpose of the organization. Another great reason when you are developing teams is that all the members of the team, will have a ripple effect benefit to the knowledge of each other. When one person “gets it” or has greater knowledge of their significance to the organization there will be a ripple effect on the team where other team members will be benefited by what has happened. When other team members see how, as each member brings their increasing knowledge and experience to the team as they develop, they in turn increase the knowledge of every other member of the team as well as that of the whole organization.

Developing them Without them Leaving

The notion of developing individuals can potentially be a risky proposition. If you invest in the development of someone and they leave, you’ve lost your investment. If they go to a competitor, it stings twice as much. Of course, your best people will leave if you don’t invest in their development, so what do you do? One thing that can do to help make the investment that you made in them be worth while and have that individual not leave at the drop of a hat is to create a tighter bond between the individual and the organization. One way to strengthening the bond between the individual and the individual is to focus on things the individual is passionate about. In other words, rather than simply roll out a plain vanilla development plan, throw a generic catalog at them, or stick them in a programs that are tilted solely to what the organization needs, spend time to find what really makes them tick and help them create a plan that meets both party’s needs.

In addition  team development is often misused. Team development isn’t about everybody on the team getting the same development; it’s about how unique individuals on a team are developed to help the team thrive and succeed. Instead of everybody getting the exact same development and thus very likely seeing others’ development as potential competition, each person brings their unique development experience into a truly collaborative team environment. That is, each person shares and exchanges their knowledge and what they’ve learned. This has multiple benefits – each person feels and is seen as a source of valuable knowledge and teaching to the other team members and everybody in total learns more than if they had all gone through the exact same development. It gives them a greater sense of identity. What’s more, in the very act of sharing knowledge with their teammates, each person learns more about their subject because of the questions they get as well as their desire to teach it well.


The goal of team development is to create a sense of ownership among your team…

Spend time and attention on cultivating your skills at developing teams this will ensure your teams contribute most effectively to your business success. In addition your team members will love you, your business will soar, and empowered people will “own” and be responsible for their work processes; which in turn will make leading and managing much more enjoyable.


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