Need & Reasons for a Social and Approachable Leader

Have you ever thought if it wasn’t for all these people you have to work with, you might actually get some work done? Or what about this one, I’d love my job if it weren’t for the people at my job? Well, as we all know, work can’t get done without people, so it behooves us to be a more approachable, social leader. If we’re not intentional about being a social and approachable leader it has the potential to effect our bottom line.

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How Can Leaders Help Connect the Dots

People crave answers, especially when a sudden, uncertain future appears before them. We as humans are conclusion drawing species and we will never leave dots unconnected. Yes, people will go to extraordinary lengths to connect those dots, even displaying contradictory behaviors in the name of forming a conclusion.

In a 2005 study reported by Communication World Magazine, employees listed their number one preferred source of information as a “meeting with their direct supervisor”, citing it as the most credible. Interestingly, however, employees stated that although they deemed the company “grapevine” as one of the least credible sources of information; however it was their most-used source of initial information-gathering, even prevailing over a meeting with their supervisor.

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