What 2 Best Practices Does Every Organization Need

The success of a company hinges largely on your best practices – what are they, how effective are you at performing them regularly.  For some organizations its exceptional client services, or knowledgeable staff; but whatever it is you must be able to differentiate yourselves from the competition through these best practices.  What I want to elucidate on today what qualities need to be in your best practices.

What 2 Best Practices Does Every Organization Need:

Customer Centric

You need to be customer focused if your not, you won’t have a business it’s that simple and your number one goal needs to be understanding your customer.  Whether you deal with customers on a regular basis or you don’t see customers at all you need to have a customer mindset.  Who are we creating value for. If you never see customers and you still need to know how your product will impact them, if you don’t consider the purchaser of your product then your will almost certainly not have anyone purchase said product. In addition your product needs to be compelling and relevant.  If you’re customer centric you are constantly thinking what will give the users of this product the greatest value.  Furthermore, if you are dealing with customers on a regular basis you need to be relationship centric.  People don’t want to feel used for a sale they want to do develop a genuine relationship and then in turn will not only purchase one product but be life long loyal customers.

Profit Focused

One of your best practices needs to be profit focus, if there is no profit then you will not be in business long. Sometimes people will say that if your profit focused you can’t be customer centric, that’s naive thinking. In fact they go hand in hand.  You won’t generate profits without customers and knowing what they want.  Also knowing your cost structure and minimizing your variable costs is key.


Regardless of what your niche is, your best practices needs these 2 ingredients…

Best practices is all about efficiency and we all know how important being efficient is, if we waste our time it will prevent us from getting where we need to get to.


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