How to Gain More Time in the New Year

Every year we start off the year strong and say this is the year that I will be more effective, but how can when we as leaders have so much on our plates; however, may I pose a different perspective.  Maybe we complicate our lives by constantly adding more. More work. More Commitments. More action items on our ever growing to do lists. More stuff. And all the while we wish for more time. We yearn for simplicity, yet keep making our daily lives more complicated. Hence the need for priorities.

By prioritizing, we are able to systematize what’s necessary and what isn’t as important.  It’s important to prioritize – prioritizing.

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How to Set Goals, that will Net the Results You Want

The beginning of the New Year is always my favorite time of the year.  I love reflecting on the previous year and casting vision for the next year.  It’s vitally important that we cast vision and fashion goals through the lens of the previous year; this will help us accomplish our goals with effectiveness in the next year.

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