How to Clarify the Win

As leaders we like to widdle things down to simple and easy.  I receive emails all the time from leaders asking me what’s the single most important thing.  As a leader we all know there are so many things that are important and that our teams need to put a premium on them.  However, if I were to widdle it down to one item or make one comment on what’s the one universal leadership truth that leaders need to capitalize on its clarifying the win.

How to Clarify the Win:

People Need a Rallying Cry for a Better Future

We see this in the political races all the time, people are yearning for a better future.  It’s in our nature to gravitate towards the individual who is offering a brighter future and a better vision of that future, the same goes with our teams as well.  Our direct reports are looking for a leader to give us a rallying cry for a better future.  In order to unite your team and your department around a single vision, leaders need to find success by filling universal human needs.  Chief among them is the need for a better future.  One simple way of doing this is offering clarity to what a win for your team or department is.

How to Define the Win

Leaders need to flesh out or provide clarity so your team knows exactly what the win is.  A couple of ways to define the win is to figure out who your organization serves. Clarifying the audience calms employees’ anxiety about trying to please everyone, and focuses their thinking.  Focus gives your team greater confidence in their decisions, while helping them to answer the right question your unique audience demands.

Leaders need to elucidate to their direct reports which metric sure they should focus on as their benchmark for success.  My personal suggestion is to measure your team based on your organizations core values.  If your unable to measure your team based on your organizations core values because the values aren’t able to be used for quantifiable metrics – find different core values because you probably have the wrong core values for your organization (in a couple of weeks our will be writing about core values). 

One very important item in defining what the win looks like for your team is to, explain what successful results look and feel like.  It’s not enough for you to say we want to do this or that, what to does this or that tangibly look like when it’s properly implemented.  Once you’ve done that you can begin the brainstorming process of saying this is we’re going to get there.

Final Thought

To Clarify the Win You Must Widdle Your Message to its Simplest Form…

For a leader to provide clarity, they must clarify their own thoughts.  Carefully select those employees that you hold up as examples of success, this will help you paint the picture in your team’s mind of the vision you see your team embarking on and succeeding in.  Finally, practice and refine your message to its simplest, most powerful form for maximize impact.


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