Succeeding from Failures

In our current corporate climate we speak a lot about the term innovation.  How to get it, how to implement it, and how to maintain it; but what happens when we do everything necessary and the project combusts?  What do we do then and how do we bounce back from that?

Succeeding from Failures:


If you’re last project didn’t net the results you were looking for, the first thing needed is understanding.  As a leader you must understand that your team is in a vulnerable place, they are kicking themselves for not generating the results they should be; it behooves you to address them from a place of understanding then build them up so they can achieve the potential you know they possess.

Encourage Risk Taking

If you’ve failed or a project didn’t go the way you wanted it to go, the best way to jump start your team is to allow them to take risks and step out on the ledge without feeling the wrath of failure.  Typically after a major letdown people are uninclined to take risks.  In fact if your team took risks in the previous project then failed at it, as a reaction to the failure people will typically do something safe.  As a leader you must fight this mindset by creating an atmosphere of unabashed risk taking.

Get the Right People 

Sometimes you have to assess your team and removing individuals maybe the best for the long term viability of your team.  In addition, moving people around and assigning them a different role may be the strategic move necessary to get the results you need.


Failure isn’t the End of the Road, Failure is the Beginning of the Road to Success

In our fast food culture and what have you done for me now society, recent failure seems like the end of the road for us; this isn’t the case failure is the beginning of a new path.  Great people in history have had their great achievements come about right after they’ve experienced their greatest losses – success is always right around the corner.


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