Are You Holding Your Team Back?

When things don’t go right we ask a lot of questions so it doesn’t happen again.  However the last thing we do is examine ourselves and sometimes we don’t even do that.  Sometimes it’s easier to blame our direct reports for not working hard enough, as oppose to asking ourselves some tough personal questions.

Are You Holding Your Team Back:

Procrastination is a Team’s Killer

If you’re failing to act or putting things off, you’re getting yourself and your team behind.  As a leader you must never be a procrastinator but instead be one of the most driven people on your team.  If your hesitating or delaying your, preventing your team from being all they can be.


If you’re constantly complaining it will rub off in a bad way, on your team.  If you’re complaining about the lack of available resources or that you don’t have enough men.  As a leader, you’ll never have enough resources, you could always use more of one thing or another. But the great leaders figure out how to get the job done with the resources they have.


It’s easy to blame everyone else for mistakes.  Every time you suffer a setback are you blaming someone or something?  Great leaders don’t do this. They are accountable for the results and accept full responsibility for the outcomes.

Abusing the Privileges of Leadership 

Are you taking advantage of all the perks of being in charge or are you a servant leader?  It’s important that leaders understand that the position they’re in, they can’t take advantage of it.  A leader must be humble and gracious about the position they have.  Alexander the Great was a great example of this, he would lead the charge into battle, not his troops – this was true servant leadership.


Are you passive-aggressive with your boss, even when you’ve been given a direct order?  Do you have a ready excuse to rationalize your lack of follow-through?  Your team will pick up on this, and the animosity that will be created between your team and other departments will have the potential to be detrimental to the organization.

Final Thought

Self-Awareness is the Elixir

Self-knowledge and relational competencies are linked to your ability to formulate, articulate and lead a strategic vision for a motivated, energized organization. Self-knowledge builds clarity about objectives allowing you not to be the person that holds your team back but empowers them to new heights.


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