How to Clarify the Win

As leaders we like to widdle things down to simple and easy.  I receive emails all the time from leaders asking me what’s the single most important thing.  As a leader we all know there are so many things that are important and that our teams need to put a premium on them.  However, if I were to widdle it down to one item or make one comment on what’s the one universal leadership truth that leaders need to capitalize on its clarifying the win.

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Are You Leading with Purpose?

Many of us go through our days awake, but following patterns we’ve developed over the years. We are going through the motions, doing things at home, online, at work without much forethought. Contrast that with the idea of purposeful leadership; with purposeful leadership, everything you do is done with consciousness, fulfilling your core values with a conscious intent.

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The Real Answer to the Work-Life Balance Question

What do you think of when you hear the phrase work-life balance?  Do you get the mental image of yourself standing in front of weight scales similar to the ones Lady Justice holds that require equal weights on either side for the scales to balance, waiting to be judged?  Is your life balanced, how many hours on each side, too many on the work side? This is the constant challenge we all face; but with this work-life balance issue are we even asking the right question?

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Are You Holding Your Team Back?

When things don’t go right we ask a lot of questions so it doesn’t happen again.  However the last thing we do is examine ourselves and sometimes we don’t even do that.  Sometimes it’s easier to blame our direct reports for not working hard enough, as oppose to asking ourselves some tough personal questions.

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