Behaviors & Attitudes a Successful Person will Embody

Success in human life has been studied by the thinkers and philosophers for thousands of years.  The most successful people have good habits. Your habits determine, your behavior; everything that you are or that you will ever accomplish will be determined by the quality of the habits that you form. By creating good habits and becoming goal oriented you can become successful and live the life you’ve always wanted

Behaviors & Attitudes a Successful Person will Embody:


People who are successful are generous and benevolent.  We see them at work all the time, there are those folks who are willing to help out another department because it’s for the greater good of the organization.  In addition, these people will come in early and stay late to help out another co-worker.  I like the phrase “The extra mile is a barren road.”


Occasionally something completely outside your control will cause you to fail. Most of the time, though, it’s you. And that’s okay. Every successful person has failed – numerous times. Most of them have failed a lot more often than you. That’s why they’re successful now.  What makes them successful is the fact they don’t get hung up on their failures, they move on and are trying to figure out ways to succeed.  If you’re focused on your failures instead of the opportunities that await you, you’ll rarely see the success you want.


Success driven people aren’t thinking about the glory days and what they did for the organization 5 or 10 years ago.  They are a “what have you done for me lately” group.  They push themselves to create new glory days, ergo they and their teams are given the projects that the organization feels are, of the utmost importance.

Active Listeners

Being an active listener is probably one of the easiest things one can do to change the trajectory of their career path at their organization.  If you choose to be an active and engaged listener you’ll find yourself on a career the path that you could only have dreamed of – more on this in coming weeks.


I’m not talking about a religious experience although for some that may be the way you work this out.  What I mean by a Sabbath is one or two days per week for personal rest and relaxation time.  In addition taking an actual vacation, not the working vacation that we all do so well.  If you’re able to create a boundary and say this is my time away from work and the other stressors of life, it will enable you to recharge and be more focused for the next week.  Furthermore, you’ll experience less burn out than you counterpart who chooses not to take a personal rest and relaxation time.  Also, those that have an opportunity to refresh and recharge will be more creative and more efficient during the week.


Being Self-Aware is the Key to Becoming who You want to Become

It’s important that we are aware of where we are and then in turn notice the behaviors and attitudes that great leaders posses so we can become that great leader that people are aspiring to.


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