Power of Change

Change in life is inevitable, and in our current corporate culture change is imperative to stay ahead of the competition.  The leader that accepts change and changes is the one who succeeds in life.  Changes can make running a team a struggle; however if change is anticipated, monitored, and adapted to, then it can become our greatest ally.

Power of Change

Qualities a Leader Needs to Possess to Create Change

If you want your organization to generate large scale transformation or if you’re just looking for more effective results from you team.  There are two essential qualities a leader must have to generate change.

Vision Casting – You must be a vision caster and an effective one at that.  This quality can’t be over stated.  If you want to get your people to where they need to go, you must help them view the horizon not dwell on where they are.

High Emotional IQ – Having a high emotional IQ is a necessary quality to leading any sort of change.  When a leader is walking people through the trenches of organizational change, it’s very challenging.  However, a person who demonstrates the qualities of someone who has a high emotional IQ will be able to persevere and accomplish the task desired.

How to Manage Change in the Workplace

Initially people don’t want to change, possibly because they’re scared of delving into unknown territory. A familiar situation is always more comforting.  There are a number of steps a leader can take to oversee the process of change, so that it’s done effectively.

The first is to prepare the environment and those involved in any upcoming changes.  This goes back to vision casting; a leader needs to till the ground so to speak.   You must prepare your team or your organization for change.  The next item is managing the change, if you are unable to monitor and track the change that is happening; it will spiral out of control and your team will be in a worse situation had you no tried to change anything.  The final thing is to creating feedback loops.  This is done to make sure that the change becomes a positive for the organization and it doesn’t become a negative.  As a leader you must be open to feedback from those going through the change.  It’s imperative to collect feedback, reinforce the change as it is occurring, and adapt the change process as needed.


Great Leaders Embrace Change

Change isn’t default into who we are, by nature we resist change.  However, to generate the results we want and to move the organization to place it needs to go – we must change.  It isn’t easy, but it’s what’s necessary, and those that excel at change are the ones that will thrive.


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